09.00 & 18.30

T R U T H, C H U R C H & L I F E!

1 Thessalonians 5:12 - 28

Loots Lambrechts

6 December 2020


1 Thessalonians


Sunday Morning

T R U T H, C H U R C H & L I F E!T R U T H, C H U R C H & L I F E!
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Truth, Church & Life...

1. True Gospel Leadership (12-13)
Two extremes: "Clericalism" vs "Anti-Clericalism"...

  • Those who work hard among you...

  • Those who care for you in the Lord...

  • Those who admonish you...

->respect them and love them b/c of their work!
-> So that you live in peace with each other!

2. True Gospel Fellowship (14-15)
Two extremes: Fellowship is nothing vs Fellowship is everything...

True fellowship focuses on the needs of OTHERS!

  • Warn the idle!

  • Encourage the timid!

  • Help the weak!

-> We ask you!
-> We urge you!

3. True Gospel Experience (16-22)
Two extremes: Rituals and Routines vs Particular and Peculiar

  • Be joyful always!

  • Pray continually!

  • Give thanks in all circumstances!

-> Paul's gospel conclusion